What to expect:

An initial consultation will involve an in depth case history encompassing all aspects of your daily life. We will ask about you general health and any medications which you may be taking to form an accurate diagnosis so that the best treatment plan for you can be formed.

During your appointment you may be required to undress to your underwear so that we can complete a thorough physical examination in order to form a full diagnosis. To feel more comfortable you may wish to bring with you or wear shorts, or a sports bra etc, however if you would rather stay clothed it is still possible for us to treat you.


Initial consultation: £48

Follow-up appointment: £40

50% discount for children







50% discount for children & babies under the age of 16.

Initial consultation: £24

Follow-up appointment: £20

Make an appointment:

For further queries or to make an appointment please call or email:

07419 296648